Make Medium Work For You

Travis Hubbard
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Have you been writing on Medium for a while and not getting the results you'd hoped for?

Or are you new to Medium and want to start off on the right foot?

Download Make Medium Work For You and give it a read. I promise it will be time well spent.

I started writing on Medium early in 2019. I started just for fun, but then joined the Medium Partner Program.

I've earned over $7,000 off just two stories. The vast majority of my stories have earned less than $20, but they earn money, and that's awesome.

Someone said writing on Medium is like planting little money trees and it's true.

Medium is a great platform for blogging, but it's also a great platform for building your audience.

In Make Medium Work For You, I share everything I know about how to make the platform work for me.

I hold nothing back and there are no secrets.

Follow my process to do everything that the automated curation system is looking for.

I also share what I do beyond the process to boost engagement and grow my audience off of the Medium platform.

You will find something of value inside here, I absolutely guarantee it.

My Top 10 Viewed Stories

Full text of my most popular stories is also included. 

They are largely inspired by my journey through life as a programmer, entrepreneur, small business owner, employee at a mega-corporation, and blogging.

These stories seem to resonate well with people and I hope you enjoy them.

I want this!

The Base Version includes the written materials listed below. The Base + 1 Hour of Private Coaching includes a personal 1 on 1 at your convenience.

66 Pages
Story Template
1 Worksheet


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Make Medium Work For You

4 ratings
I want this!