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The Developers Field Guide to Getting Hired and Staying Employed

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Software Careers Are Tricky

Are you a new developer, or one that has been in the field for a few years, and asked yourself questions like this:

  • Should I apply for this job?
  • How do I get a remote job?
  • Is remote work for me?
  • Is job hopping a bad thing?
  • What does the "future of work" look like?

Yes, of course you have.

Regardless of where you are in your tech career, from new to seasoned developer

The Developers Field Guide to Getting Hired and Staying Employed

will fill you with confidence and help you take your career to the next level.

If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

The secret to a long and happy career in IT boils down to two things:

  1. Continuous learning
  2. Hard work

But there are intangibles that matter as much or more.

Communication. Networking. Exposure.

I’ve held many jobs across a lot of companies and industries.

I really don’t have any domain knowledge (like banking, finance, or healthcare) to call myself an expert in anything, but I do know how to build things and get teams moving in the same direction.

In fact, I'm just an OK programmer.

But I'm great at reading people, solving problems, and getting teams moving in the same direction.

Companies don’t know what to do with people like me.

I help them get processes in place, train people that can do the work, help them deliver products on time, and create value for their customers.

I’ve bounced around a lot over the course of 30 years working in the field.

And I’ve managed to stay employed, going from an entry-level programmer with no degree earning $18,000 a year to where I am now: coordinating the work of hundreds of developers and making over 10x what I was when I first started.

Nothing special about me at all, I just show up every day and do my job.

You can do the same, I assure you.

And my book tells you how.


  1. So What Is A Software Engineer Anyway?
  2. Software Developers: Apply for That Job You Want
  3. How To Get a Remote Job With the Best Tech Companies in the World
  4. The Struggle to Stay Relevant as a Remote Worker
  5. Confessions of a Serial Job Hopper
  6. Asynchronous Remote Work Is the Future Of Work

I Eat My Own Dog Food

This isn't some nonsense that came to me in a dream, it's based on actual experiences.

I practice what I preach.

My wife is a Doctor of Physical Therapy that grew tired of working in the medical field.

She applied the lessons I discuss in this book and is the reason I wrote "How To Get a Remote Job With the Best Tech Companies in the World"

What Do Readers Have To Say?

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I can guarantee that you will be more confident after reading it, and I am always available an answer any questions you might have.

No one is an expert anymore, there is too much technology in use today.

The main differentiator between those that are advancing in their careers and those that do not often boil down to one thing: confidence.

Reading The Developers Field Guide To Getting Hired and Staying Employed will give your confidence a huge boost.

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The Developers Field Guide to Getting Hired and Staying Employed

17 ratings
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