The Only Software Developer Roadmap You Will Ever Need

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People liked this tweet, so I decided to do more than leave it hanging out there.

The result is what you are about to read; I hope you find it useful.

How To Use This Roadmap

Read the introductory material and Wikipedia article for background and history, the linked educational materials, and test your skills on HackerRank.

Enjoy the journey; this is supposed to be fun! 🚀

Table of Contents

Let’s Go

Learn the skills that will pay the bills, not the trending ones.

If you focus on the skills in this roadmap, you'll be employable for life.


Because you'll have the fundamentals nailed and can learn anything thrown at you.

Software Money

This product is part of Software Money, an annual subscription that gives you access to all of my Gumroad products for a discounted price.

Software Money also includes:

  • Monthly member-only group call (Google Meet) - ask me anything
  • Member-only educational posts on topics that'll make you more valuable in the field
  • A spreadsheet with links to the "open positions" page for companies that are known to hire remote workers
  • Every tech guide I publish on Gumroad in the future

Check it out here:

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The Only Software Developer Roadmap You Will Ever Need

13 ratings
I want this!