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Tech Blurbs - A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

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As technical professionals, we live in a scary world.

Change is a constant. You can’t just learn to code, get a job, make fat stacks, and chill.

Layoffs are everywhere, driven by overstaffing in the 2020-2022 timeframe and productivity boosts from generative AI tools.

The antidote is to learn everything! But you can’t do that; no one can. For long-term survival, becoming an expert in a few tools allows you to apply them effectively to solve complex problems and be confident in your work.

Couple that with being aware of many languages, tools, and concepts. This knowledge broadens your perspective and helps you understand different approaches to problem-solving. Knowing what’s out there allows you to choose the right tools and techniques for the job and continuously learn.

If you read Tech Blurbs, you can confidently state that you are “familiar with” or have had “exposure to”  everything it contains.

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Tech Blurbs - A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

4 ratings
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